Health Financing and Universal Health Coverage

Financing of health and healthcare is an important health system building block and is crucial to a well-performing health system. Indian states have struggled to improve and sustain adequate financing for health and healthcare. In addition, most Indian states have not yet systematically organised their health servcies to ensure equitable and universal health across all populations and geographies. In this cluster, we undertake focused research and action on financing of health and contribute towards efforts to achieve universal health coverage in states and nationally.  

Using evidence generated from research IPH has been advocating for equitable health financing with universal coverage.

  1. Dr N Devadasan is part of the EDC at Suvarnna Arogya Suraksha Trust
  2. Dr N Devadasan  was a member of the committee to restructure RSBY at Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  3. Dr N Devadasan was a member of the National Health Assurance Committee at Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  4. The health insurance chapter on NRHM was developed by IPH
  5. Dr N Devadasan was part of the RSBY team during the design and early implementation at MOLE.
  6. IPH has conducted training programmes on health insurance for various govt officers across the most of the states in India.
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