Institutional Ethics Committee

Quality research to strengthen health systems is an important objective of IPH. With an increase in staff, projects and funding, the need for emphasis on quality research remains a priority at IPH. There are however two sides to this – encouraging innovative concepts in research on one side while respecting human rights on the other. The current scene in Indian research is quite chaotic and hence, it is vulnerable to unethical practices. Hence, while we recognise the needed focus on health system research in a developing country like ours, we also recognise the importance to protect its vulnerable population from any harm even if it is unintended.

Owing to the paucity of ethics committees available to researchers in South India, IPH constituted an Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) in February 2010. This was a step that re-emphasised its commitment to the highest principles of ethics in its research and action.


The members of the current IEC are:


  • Dr. Janakiram Chandrashekar – Chairperson
  • Prof. Anindya Sinha – Member
  • Dr. Prashanth NS – Member 
  • Dr. Tanya Seshadri – Member 
  • Mr. S J Chander – Member
  • Mr. GD Murthy – Member 
  • Dr. Dorothy Lal – Member 
  • Dr. Nirmala Murthy – Member
  • Mrs. Asha Kilaru – Member
  • Dr. Upendra Bhojani – Member
  • Dr. Pragati Hebbar – Member Secretary


 The IEC functions in tandem with the Institutional review board (IRB). Proposals requiring a full ethical clearance are decided by the IRB and forwarded to the IEC following which the IEC meets to review and provides a decision on the proposal.

Submission procedure

All the proposals first need to be submitted and screened by the IRB. Based on their decision complete proposals following submission instructions laid out in IPH IEC Standard Operational Procedures are to be submitted to the member secretary at least 2 weeks before the IEC meeting. The IEC reviews maximum of two new proposals during every meeting.
For any queries and submission of proposals write to: