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3 Module | 4 Months | Tutor guided


Objectives of the course

In this course, we will introduce participants to the different types of scientific articles and provide an outline of how to write an original research article describing their original scientific research.

To enable health professionals to write scientific research articles that can be published and to equip them with skills to cite and manage references/ bibliography while writing using a reference management tool such as Mendeley.


Course Syllabus

The course consists of  three modules and each module has two to three Units. Each Unit has two to three classrooms.The course expects students to spent 3 hours per week, to successfully complete each module


Topics Covered

  1. Scientific Writing- Reporting original research (IMRaD)
  2. Nuts and bolts of writing – Grammar, Style and Ethics
  3. Tools for Reference Management (Mendeley)

Recommended Background

Person interested in research work and health researcher based in NGOs\ academic institutions. Undergraduates in health ( Any discipline) and Masters level training in health and development (MPH, MD, MS, MSc (Nursing), M. Pharm, MPT, MDS and MSW)




Sarin N S

Course coordinator

Dr Dorothy Lall

Doroty Lall

Subject Matter Expert


Prashanth N S

Subject Matter Expert

Key features

Study time

3-4 hour/w

Moodle mobile app


Learn on the go

Anywhere, Anytime



Live interaction

With SME

Peer learning

Discuss & learn


Verify your certificate online


Simple fun learning

Target Group

  • Health researchers based in NGOs/ academic institutions
  • Undergraduates in Health (any discipline)
  • Masters level training in health and development (MPH, MD MS,MSc (Nursing), M.Pharm, MPT, MDS and MSW)
  • Basic knowledge of using computer applications, Internet and email
  • Interest/ intent for health research and  scientific writing
  • Conducted research but unable to write it to be acceptable for publishing
  • Language as a barrier to effectively communicating research in an article
  • Large volume of literature to be stored, archived and retrieved and Inability to keep track of all literature read
  • Not sure of how to cite – paraphrasing or quoting
  • Not clear on how to cite grey literature, books, and reports and what are internationally acceptable styles for citing
  • Not aware of tools available to manage and cite while you write
  • Not aware of how to use these tools to connect, network and collaborate with other researchers

This course will address these gaps and enable you to write a research article that is of high quality. This course will also enable you to manage your literature efficiently, saving valuable time and equip you to cite while you write.


What is the language of instruction in the course?
English will be the medium of instruction.
How many hours per week am I expected to put in?
Course expects a minimum of 3 hours per week.
What is the duration of the course?
The course is of 3 month duration.
What are the class timings?
There are no specific class timings that you are expected to follow on a day to day basis. However there are certain activities that you have to complete within a certain time frame and submit before the given deadline to progress to the next stage in the course. Please refer the study guide for more details.
When this course will be unveiled?
In the month of March
What is the importance of this course?
The course will provide detailed hands-on training in using Mendeley, one of the widely used reference management tools. It will also enable students to use this tool to network, share and collaborate with other researchers and experts.
Will I get a certificate for this course?

Yes. You will get a Certificate issued by the Institute of Public Health Bengaluru provided that you fulfill all the requirements of the course which includes timely completion of the assignments, final tests, and a project.

Will I be provided a mentor for the course?
Yes, It is a tutor guided course. A qualified public health professional will be facilitating the course and will be there to guide you at each step.
Is exams or Tests will be conducted at the end of the course?
Test will be conducted after each module and at the end there will be final test

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