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Validation of ToucHb, a non-invasive haemoglobin estimation: Effective for normal ranges, needs improvement for anaemia detectionYogish Channa Basappa ,Sumanth Mallikarjuna Majgi,Shashidhar Byrappa Shashidhar,Prashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas2024DownloadResearch ArticleResearch Article
Hypertension Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment, Control and Risk Factors in Tribal Population of India: a Multi-Centric Cross-Sectional StudyBontha V. Babu, Chaya R. Hazarika, Sunil K. Raina, Shariq R. Masoodi, Yogish C. Basappa, Nihal Thomas, Anna S. Kerketta & Felix K. Jebasingh2023DownloadJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health DisparitiesJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
Social Determinants of Child Undernutrition in Adivasi Population
in Northern Kerala: A Study Using Syndemic Framework
Sabu Kochupurackal Ulahannan, Prashanth N. Srinivas, Biju Soman2023DownloadResearch articleResearch article
How to develop a realist programme theory using Margaret Archer’s structure–agency–culture framework: The case of adolescent accountability for sexual and reproductive health in urban resource-constrained settingsSara Van Belle, Ibukun-Oluwa Abejirinde, Prashanth N. Srinivas, Pragati Hebbar, Bruno Marchal2023DownloadResearch articleResearch article
Transforming Health Systems Towards Holistic Outcomes in the G20 and BeyondPragati B. Hebbar, Harvy Joy Liwanag, Zaida Orth, Rashi Agrawal, Manusmriti Agarwal, Annika Frahsa, Oria James, Sophie, Meyer, Ananya Rao2023DownloadT20 Policy BriefArticle
From policy to practice: lessons learned from two regional consultations on strengthening the implementation of tobacco control policies in IndiaVivek Dsouza,Pragati B. Hebbar2023DownloadGlobal Health NetworkArticle
How does Indian news media report smokeless tobacco control? A content analysis of the gutka ban enforcementVivek Dsouza,Pratiksha Mohan Kembhavi,Praveen Rao S.,Kumaran P.,Pragati B. Hebbar2023DownloadResearch articleResearch article
International Journal for Equity in HealthMeena Putturaj, Sara Van Belle, Anja Krumeich, Prashanth NS & Nora Engel2023DownloadResearch articleResearch article
Understanding dynamics of private tuberculosis pharmacy market- a qualitative inquiry from a South Indian districtVijayashree Yellappa , Himabindu Bindu, Neethi Rao, Devadasan Narayanan2022DownloadResearch articleResearch article
Using social network analysis to understand multisectoral governance in district-level tobacco control programme implementation in IndiaShinjini Mondal, Upendra Bhojani, Samntha Lobbo, Susan Law, Antonia Maioni, Sara Van Belle2022DownloadResearch articleResearch article
Implementation of Article 5.3 of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: A Subnational AssessmentPraveen Kumar, Veena Kamath, Asha Kamath, Upendra Bhojani, Aastha Chugh, Shalini Bassi, Muralidhar M Kulkarni2022Download Research articleResearch article
Legal challenges in tobacco control: historical and qualitative analysis of litigations in Karnataka.Riddhi Dsouza, Upendra Bhojani, Neema Joseph, Prabhakara Prabhakara, M Selvarajan2022DownloadResearch articleResearch article
Coproducing Tobacco Control Knowledge: Using Virtual Platforms to Strengthen Impletation in IndiaPragati B Hebbar, Vivek D'Souza, N S Prashanth, Tshering Bhutia2022DownloadResearch ArticleResearch Article
How do tobacco control policies work in low-income and middle-income
countries? A realist synthesis
Pragati B Hebbar, Vivek D'Souza, N S Prashanth, Upendra Bhojani2022DownloadResearch ArticleResearch Article
COVID-19 and Multiple
Inequalities The Case of a Coastal Community in Kerala
N S Prashanth, Sabu K2022DownloadCommentary
Factors Influencing the Emergence of Self‑Reliance in Primary
Health Care Using Traditional Medicine: A Scoping Review
N S Prashanth, Shivanand B Savatagi2022DownloadArticleReview Article
Eco-geographic patterns of child malnutrition in India
and its association with cereal cultivation: An analysis using
demographic health survey and agriculture datasets
N S Prashanth, Yogesh C B, Sabu K2022DownloadResearch ArticleResearch
Crying baby gets the milk? The
governmentality of grievance redressal
for patient rights violations in
Karnataka, India
Meena Putturaj, N S Prashanth2022DownloadResearch ArticleResearch
Implementing FCTC Article 17 Through Participatory
Research With Bidi Workers in Tamil Nadu, India
Upendra Bhojani2022DownloadNicotine and Tobacco Research ArticleResearch
Overcoming structural barriers to sharing power with
communities in global health research priority-setting: Lessons
from the Participation for Local Action project in Karnataka, India
N S Prashanth, Tanya Seshadri2022DownloadArticleGlobal Public Health
Co-production of knowledge as part of a OneHealth approach to better control zoonotic diseasesN S Prashanth, Tanya Seshadri2022DownloadResearch ArticleResearch
The community health impasse: What can family physicians learn about integration of social determinants of health from the challenges, diversity, and worldview of primary healthcare practices located in Southern India?David Warnky, Swathi S Balachandra, Ramakrishna Prasad, Kevin J Sykes, Dorothy Lall, Upendra M Bhojani2021DownloadResearch ArticleResearch Article
Policy Processes in Multisectoral Tobacco Control in India: The Role of Institutional Architecture, Political Engagement and Legal InterventionsShinjini Mondal, Sara Van Belle, Upendra Bhojani, Susan Law, Antonia Maioni2021DownloadResearch ArticleResearch Article
LifeFirst: Impact of a school-based tobacco and supari cessation intervention among adolescent students in Mumbai, IndiaUpendra Bhojani, Amiti Varma, Pragati B Hebbar, Gauri Mandal, Himanshu Gupte2021DownloadDownloadResearch ArticleResearch Article
Rapid assessment checklist for health systems response to CholeraN S Prashanth, Pragati Hebbar2021DownloadArticleResearch
Decoding the black box of health policy implementation: A case of regulating
private healthcare establishments in southern India
Meena Putturaj, Upendra Bhojani, Neethi V. Rao, Bruno Marchal2021DownloadMedical JournalJournals
COVID‑19: A Policy Window for E‑cigarette RegulationAishwarya Ashok, Pragati Hebbar2021DownloadArticleJournals
Strategic and contested use of food laws to ban smokeless tobacco products in India: a qualitative analysis of litigationUpendra Bhojani, Riddhi D'souza2021DownloadResearch ArticleResearch
Operationalising the “One Health”
approach in India: facilitators of and
barriers to effective cross-sector
convergence for zoonoses prevention and
N S Prashanth2021DownloadResearch ArticleBMC Public Health
The merit privilege: examining dubious claims of merit in public health and public policyN S Prashanth2021DownloadArticleBMJ Global Health
Improving access to medicines for noncommunicable diseases in rural primary
care: results from a quasi-randomized
cluster trial in a district in South India
Upendra Bhojani, N S Prashanth2021DownloadResearch ArticleResearch
An intersectional analysis of the compositeindex of anthropometric failures in IndiaN S Prashanth2021DownloadResearch ArticleResearch
Implementation research for taking tobacco control policies to scale in India: a realist evaluation study protocolUpendra Bhojani, Vivek Dsouza2021DownloadProtocol
Diverse and competing interests around
tobacco: qualitative analysis of two
decades of parliamentary questions
in India
Upendra Bhojani, Latha Chilgod, Amithi Varma2021DownloadArticleResearch
Sickle cell disease in India: a scoping
review from a health systems
perspective to identify an agenda for
research and action
Vineet Raman, Tanya Seshadri,NS Prashanth2021DownloadResearch ArticleResearch
Beyond numbers, coverage and cost: adaptive governance for post-COVID-19 reforms in India Neethi Varadaraja Rao, NS Prashanth, Pragati Bhaskar Hebbar2021DownloadArticleJournal
Tobacco Industry Interference Index: Implementation of the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Article 5.3 in IndiaAastha Chugh, Shalini Bassi, Gaurang P Nazar, Upendra Bhojani, Cyril Alexander, Pranay Lal, Prakash C Gupta, Monika Arora2020DownloadResearch articleResearch article
Team-based primary health care fornon-communicable diseases:complexities in South IndiaDorothy Lall, Narayanan Devadasan2020DownloadArticle
Improving primary care for diabetes and hypertension: findings from implementation research in rural SouthIndiaDorothy Lall, N.S. Prashanth, Narayanan Devadasan2020DownloadPublicationResearch
Social determinants of tuberculosis: context,
framework and the way forward to ending TB in
Anika Juneja2020DownloadArticleJournals
Examining tribal health inequalities around three
forested sites in India: Results of a cross‑sectional survey
N.S. Prashanth, Tanya Seshadri2020DownloadArticleJournals
What role can health policy and systems
research play in supporting responses to
COVID-19 that strengthen socially just health
N.S. Prashanth2020DownloadArticleResearch
What should community organisations
consider when deciding to partner with
researchers? A critical reflection on the Zilla
Budakattu Girijana Abhivrudhhi Sangha
experience in Karnataka, India
N.S. Prashanth, Tanya Seshadri2020DownloadArticleResearch
Predicting Disease Risk Areas Through Co-Production of Spatial Models: The Example of Kyasanur Forest Disease in India's Forest LandscapesN.S. Prashanth2020DownloadArticleJournals
COVID-19 and informal settlements: an
urgent call to rethink urban governance
N.S. Prashanth2020DownloadPublicationJournals
Does cereal, protein and micronutrient availability hold the key
to the malnutrition conundrum? An exploratory analysis of
cereal cultivation and wasting patterns of India
N.S. Prashanth2020DownloadArticleJournals
Healthcare delivery in India amid the Covid-19 pandemic: Challenges and opportunitiesPragati B Hebbar, Angel Sudha, Vivek Dsouza, Lathadevi Chilgod, Adhip Amin2020DownloadArticleJournals
Affirmative action, minorities, and public services in India: Charting a future
research and practice agenda
Upendra Bhojani,C Madegowda, NS Prashanth, Pragati Hebbar2020DownloadArticleJournals
Integrating tobacco cessation into routine dental practice: protocol for a qualitative studyRachana Shah, Rupal Shah, Sujal Shah, Upendra Bhojani2019DownloadResearch articleResearch article
How patients navigate the diagnostic ecosystem in a fragmented health system: a qualitative study from India.Vijayashree Yellapa, Narayanan Devadasan, Anja Krumeich, Nitika Pant Pai, Caroline Vadnais, Madhukar Pai & Nora Engel2017DownloadArticleGlobal health journal
Strengthening the governance for effective tobacco control in IndiaUpendra Bhojani2017DownloadHealth For Millions
From policy to practice: lessons from Karnataka about implementation of tobacco control laws Pragati B Hebbar, Upendra Bhojani, John Kennedy, Vishal Rao2017DownloadIndian Journal of Community Medicine
A Unique Survey on Tuberculosis in Urban Slums of Mysore City, Karnataka, IndiaArchana Basavaraju, Vijayashree Yellappa2017International Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Interventions
Conflicts of interest in tobacco control in India: an exploratory studyNeethi V Rao, Upendra Bhojani, Preetha Shekar, Santosh Daddi2016DownloadResearch articleResearch article
India’s recent reformation in public health education: is it targeting the right people?Varghese J ,Diljith Kannan and Upendra Bhojani2016DownloadJournalRGUHS National Journal of Public Health
Enhancing care for urban poor living with chronic conditions: role of local health systemsUpendra Bhojani 2016DownloadPhD ThesisPhD Thesis
Improving access to medicines for
non-communicable diseases in rural
India: a mixed methods study protocol
using quasi-experimental design
N. S. Prashanth, Maya Annie Elias, Manoj Kumar Pati, Praveenkumar Aivalli, C. M. Munegowda,
Srinath Bhanuprakash, S. M. Sadhana, Bart Criel, Maryam Bigdeli and Narayanan Devadasan
2016DownloadStudy ProtocolBMC Health Services Research
Bringing evidence into public health policy: enhancing equity and engendering intersectoral action for healthUpendra Bhojani, Werner Soors2016DownloadArticleBMJ Journals :- BMJ Global Health 2016;1(Suppl 1):A1
Bringing evidence into public health policy (EPHP), 2016. Equitable India: All for Health and WellbeingUpendra Bhojani, Werner Soors, Vijayashree Yellappa, Aneesha Ahluwalia2016DownloadArticleBMJ Journals:- BMJ Global Health 2016;1(Suppl 1):A2
Human Resources for Health in IndiaMaastricht Interns 20152016DownloadReportReport
Determinants of sputum conversion at two months of treatment under National Tuberculosis Programme, South IndiaVijayashree Yellappa
, Vani Kandpal, Dorothy Lall, Asma Tabassum
2016DownloadArticleInternational Journal of Medical Science and Public Health
Coping with tuberculosis and directly observed treatment: a qualitative study among patients from South IndiaVijayashree Yellappa, Pierre Lefèvre, Tullia Battaglioli, Devadasan Narayanan and Patrick Van der Stuyft2016DownloadArticleBioMed Central
The Profile and Job Perceptions of Block Programme Managers in KarnatakaJeroen F De Man, Bheemaray V Manganawar, Arupa J Das, Bart Criel, Narayanan Devadasan2016DownloadResearch articleThe Journal of Community Health Management published on Innovative Publication
Private practitioners’ contributions to the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme in a South Indian districtV. Yellappa,*† T. Battaglioli,† S. K. Gurum,‡ D. Narayanan,* P. Van der Stuyft†§2016DownloadPhD articleInternational Journal of TB and Lung Disease
Point-of-care testing in India: missed opportunities to realize the true potential of point-of-care testing programsNora Engel, Gayatri Ganesh, Mamata Patil, Vijayashree Yellappa, Caroline Vadnais, Nitika Pant Pai, and Madhukar Pai2015DownloadResearch ArticleBMC Health Services Research
India's Progress Towards MDG's 4&5C. M. Munegowda2015DownloadArticleHealth Action magazine
Importance of Diet in Managing NCD'sC. M. Munegowda2015DownloadArticleHealth action
Intervening in the local health system to improve diabetes care: lessons from a health service experiment in a poor urban neighborhood in India Upendra Bhojani, Patrick Kolsteren, Bart Criel, Stefaan De Henauw, Thriveni S. Beerenahally, Roos Verstraeten, Narayanan Devadasan2015DownloadArticleGlobal Health Action
Evaluation of Results Based Financing Strategies for Tuberculosis care and Control in IndiaVijayashree Yellappa, N. Devadasan and Neethi V. Rao2015DownloadReportReport submitted to World Bank
Tobacco control in India: A case for the Health-in-All Policy approachUpendra Bhojani, Werner Soors2015DownloadJournalNational Medical Journal of India
Barriers to Point-of-Care Testing in India: Results from Qualitative Research across Different Settings, Users and Major DiseasesGayatri Ganesh, Mamata Patil, Vijayashree Yellappa, Nitika Pant Pai, Caroline Vadnais, Madhukar Pai2015DownloadJournalPLOS ONE
The rising burden of chronic conditions among urban poor: a three-year follow-up survey in Bengaluru, IndiaMrunalini Gowda, Upendra Bhojani, Narayanan Devadasan, hriveni S Beerenahally2015DownloadResearch ArticleBMC Health Service Research
Monitoring and Evaluating Progress towards Universal Health Coverage in India
Devadasan N, Ghosh S, Nandraj S, Sundararaman T2014DownloadPublicationPlOS Medicine
Litigation for Claiming Health Rights: Insights from Tobacco ControlUpendra Bhojani, Pragati Hebbar, Vishal Rao, Vandana Shah2014Download
JournalHealth and Human Rights
Health System Challenges in Organizing Quality Diabetes Care for Urban Poor in South IndiaUpendra Bhojani, Narayanan Devadasan, Arima Mishra, Stefaan De Henauw, Patrick Kolsteren, Bart Criel2014DownloadJournalPLOS ONE
Building on the EGIPPS performance assessment: the multipolar framework as a
heuristic to tackle the complexity of performance of public service oriented
health care organisations
Bruno Marchal, Tom Hoerée , Valéria Campos da Silveira, Sara Van Belle, Nuggehalli S Prashanth, Guy Kegels2014DownloadJournalBMC Public Health
Private healthcare providers threatened by the Vajpayee Arogyashree SchemeDevadasan N, Bore Gouda P2014DownloadBMJ Blog
Tobacco or a job?Pragati B Hebbar, Vishal Rao2014DownloadBMJ Blog
Television as a public health awareness tool to reduce tobacco use: Are we doing enough in India?.eSocial Sciences journal, 2014.Vishal Rao, Pragati Hebbar, Bhojani U2014DownloadJournaleSocial Sciences journal
No longer diseases of the wealthy: prevalence and health-seeking for self-reported chronic conditions among urban poor in Southern India
Upendra Bhojani, Thriveni S Beerenahalli, Roopa Devadasan, C M Munegowda, Narayanan Devadasan, Bart Criel, Patrick Kolsteren2013DownloadResearch articleResearch article
Challenging Ties between State and Tobacco Industry: Advocacy Lessons from India
Upendra Bhojani, Vidya Venkataraman, Bheemaray Manganawar2013DownloadResearch articleResearch article
Can we count on our counting systems?
Himabindu BL, Prashanth NS.
2013DownloadBMJ Blogs
Challenging Ties between State and Tobacco Industry : Advocacy Lessons from India
Bhojani U, Venkataraman V, Manganawar B.
2013DownloadHealth Promotion Perspectives
The Karnataka case study report: Project report of Health Inc projectSeshadri T, Maya Anne Elias, Mahesh S Kadammanavar, Thriveni BS, Anil MH, Arun Nair, Devadasan N2013DownloadReport
The global impact of Indian generics on access to health
Ravinetto RM, Dorlo TPC, Caudron J, Prashanth NS
2013DownloadIndian Journal of Medical Ethics
Constraints faced by urban poor in managing diabetes care: patients’ perspectives from South India.
Bhojani U, Mishra A, Amruthavalli S, Devadasan N, Kolsteren P, De Henauw S, et al
2013DownloadGlobal Health Action
Promoting universal financial protection: evidence from the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) in Gujarat, India.
Devadasan N, Seshadri T, Trivedi M, Criel B
2013DownloadHealth Research Policy and Systems
No longer diseases of the wealthy: prevalence and health-seeking for self-reported chronic conditions among urban poor in Southern India.
Bhojani U, Beerenahalli TS, Devadasan R, Munegowda C, Devadasan N, Criel B, et al.
2013DownloadBMC Health Services Research 
Evaluating Healthcare Interventions: Answering the ‘How’ Question.
Prashanth NS, Bruno Marchal, Criel B.
2013DownloadIndian Anthropologist
Impact of RSBY on enrolled households: lessons from Gujarat
Seshadri T et al
2012DownloadBMC Proceedings
Averting maternal deaths: Ensuring 24*7 emergency obstetric care. Health System Stewardship and Regulation in Vietnam, India and China (HESVIC).Mishra A, Devadasan N2012DownloadPolicy Brief
Bringing Evidence into Public Health Policy (EPHP) 2012: Strengthening health systems to achieve universal health coverage. Meeting Abstracts of 2nd National Conference on Bringing Evidence into Public Health PolicyBhojani U, Mishra A, Prashanth NS and Werner Soors2012DownloadBMC Proceedings
Governance in the Health SectorDevadasan N2012LinkKarnataka State Health System Resource Centre
How does capacity building of health managers work? A realist evaluation study protocolPrashanth NS, Marchal B, Hoeree T, Devadasan N, Macq J, Kegels G, Criel B.2012DownloadJournalBritish Medical Journal
Health system challenges in delivering maternal health care: Evidence from poor urban neighbourhood in South India.
Thriveni BS, Bhojani U, Mishra A, Amruthavalli S, Devadasan R, Munegowda CM
2012DownloadBMC Proceedings
Towards universal health coverage: An operational manual for states in IndiaInstitute of Public Health UHC team2012DownloadOperational Manual
Study of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) Health Insurance in India, Gujarat DistrictSeshadri T, Trivedi M , Saxena D, Nair R, Soors W, Criel B, Devadasan N 2012DownloadReport
Using laws to stop government involvement in tobacco industry eventsBhojani U2012DownloadConference Presentation15th World Conference on Tobacco Or Health, Singapore
Good Governance in PracticeKuruvila Daniel2012LinkKarnataka State Health System Resource Centre
Improving access to safe abortion services in rural Karnataka. Health System Stewardship and Regulation in Vietnam, India and China (HESVIC).Mishra A, Devadasan N2012DownloadPolicy Brief
She is not an Indian cultured woman": Youth perceptions about smokers in South IndiaBhojani U, Ellias MA, Devadasan N2012DownloadConference Presentation15th World Conference on Tobacco Or Health, Singapore
Bringing Evidence into Public Health Policy (EPHP) 2010: Five Years of National Rural Health Mission.Bhojani U, Prashanth NS, Vidya Venkataraman, Narayanan Devadasan (eds.)2012LinkJournalBMC Proceedings
She was referred from one hospital to another’: evidence on emergency obstetric care in Karnataka, India
Vijayashree et al
2012DownloadBMC Proceedings
The health system dynamics frameworkJ. van Olmen; B. Criel; U. Bhojani; B. Marchal; S. van Belle; M.F Chenge; T. Hoerée;  
M. Pirard; W. Van Damme; G. Kegels.
Interpreting the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act by primary care providers in rural Karnataka: implications on safe abortion services.
Elias MA et al
2012DownloadBMC Proceedings
Understanding factors at household level affecting access to diabetes care: Study from urban south IndiaThriveni BS, Bhojani U, Devadasan R, Nagarathna, Leelavathi, Josephine.2012DownloadConference Presentation4th Geneva Health Forum, Geneva, Switzerland
Challenging the conflict of interest for tobacco control: Advocacy lessons from IndiaBhojani U, Venkataraman V, Kothari J, Manganawar B, Basha R2012DownloadConference Presentation15th World Conference on Tobacco Or Health, Singapore
HESVIC Project: India Country ReportInstitute of Public Health, Bangalore2012DownloadReport
Out-of-pocket healthcare payments on chronic conditions impoverish urban poor in Bangalore, IndiaUpendra Bhojani, BS Thriveni, Roopa Devadasan, CM Munegowda, Narayanan Devadasan, Patrick Kolsteren and Bart Criel2012DownloadJournalBMC Public Health
Challenges in organizing quality diabetes care for the urban poor : a local health system perspectiveBhojani U, Thriveni BS, Devadasan R, Munegowda CM, Devadasan N2012
DownloadBMC Proceedings
Adolescents' perceptions about smokers in Karnataka, IndiaUpendra M Bhojani, Maya A Elias, N Devadasan2011DownloadResearch article
Research article
Health systems research and the Gadchiroli debate: a plea for universal and equitable ethics
N S Prashanth, Upendra Bhojani, Werner Soors2011DownloadCommentaryCommentary
Can health insurance improve access to quality care for the Indian poor?
Michielsen J, Criel B, Devadasan N, Soors W, Wouters E, Meulemans H. 2011View link
Department of Sociology, University of Antwerp
Community health insurance contributes to universal health coverage in IndiaDevadasan N, Van der Stuyft P, Criel, B2011DownloadThesisGent University
Understanding health and illness among tribal communities in OrissaMishra A, Sarma S. 2011Journal
When a picture paints a 1,000 words.Bhojani U. 2011News Paper ArticleDeccan Chronicle
Human disease hinders anti poaching activities in Indian nature reservesVelho N, Srinivasan U, Prashanth NS & Lawrance WF2011DownloadJournalBiological Conservation
Determinants of Anemia Among Young Children in Rural IndiaPasricha SR, Black J, Muthayya S, Shet A, Bhat V, Nagaraj S, NS Prashanth, Sudarshan H, Biggs BA, Shet AS2011Link

Swasthya Karnataka training in TumkurIPH Training team2011DownloadReportSelf Evaluation Report
Tumkur Health Status Report: A situational analysis of the performance of the health services in Tumkur.Devadasan N, Prashanth NS 2011Download
Public Policies and the Tobacco IndustryBhojani U, Venkataraman V, Manganawar B2011Download

Economic and political weekly
Training manual in health insurance (with facilitator’s guide) Institute of Public Health & Ministry of Health and Family Welfare2011DownloadWorld Health Organization Country Office for India, New Delhi,India
List of Clinics and Hospitals in and around Kadugondanahalli (KG Halli) Bangalore. Institute Of Public Health2011Report Institute of Public Health
External evaluation report of District Health Management training courseExternal Evaluation Team2011DownloadEvaluation ReportInstitute of Public Health
Differently abled or disabled.. Hair splitting semantics or an attitude od inclusion? Devadasan R2011Download JournalChristian Medical Journal of India
Community health insurance schemes & patient satisfaction -
evidence from India
Devadasan N,Bart Criel,Wim Van Damme,Pierre Lefevre,S. Manoharan,Patrick Van der Stuyft2011DownloadIndian Journal of Medical Research
Stronger guidance needed for lifelong care for chronic diseasesBermejo RA, Prashanth NS & Sharma SK.2011Download JournalThe Lancet
Controlled lives:Impact of social factors on reproductive rights of women in Urban South IndiaThriveni BS, Bhojani U, Amruthavalli S, Munegowda CM, Anthoniyamma C, Devadasan R, Devadasan N. 2011Download7th European Congress
Health system obstacles in the delivery of quality care to People With Chronic Diseases (PWCD): a case study from urban India. Bhojani U, Thriveni BS, Devadasan R, Munegowda CM, Anthoniyamma C, Soors W, Devadasan N, Criel B, Kolsteren P. 2011Conference Presentation7th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, Barcelona, Spain
Health system strengthening and vaccination programs.Storeng K, Mishra A, Roalkvam S. 2011Conference PresentationAnnual GLOBVAC conference, University of Oslo, Norway
Adolescents' perceptions about smokers in Karnataka,IndiaBhojani U, Elias MA, Devadasan N2011Download LinkBMC Public Health
Engaging with the discourse on lifestyle modifications: Evidence from IndiaMishra A. 2011DownloadJournalHealth, Culture and Society
India: Code of conduct on dealings with tobacco industryVenkataraman V, Bhojani U.2011Download JournalTobacco Control 2011
Euthanasia: A social science perspective. Minocha A, Mishra A. Minocha VR. 2011Download JournalEconomic and Political Weekly
Good governance in health care: the Karnataka experienceSudarshan H, Prashanth NS.2011DownloadJournalThe Lancet
A critique of the draft national health research policy 2011Bhojani U, Prashanth NS, Devadasan N. 2011Download

Journal Economic and Political Weekly
Health systems research and the Gadchiroli debate: a plea for universal and equitable ethicsPrashanth NS, Bhojani U, Soors W2011DownloadIndian Journal of Medical Ethics
Public private partnerships and health policiesPrashanth NS2011Download JournalEconomic and Political Weekly
Vitamin B-12, folate, iron, and vitamin A concentrations in rural Indian children are associated with continued breastfeeding, complementary diet, and maternal nutritionPasricha SR, Shet AS, Black JF, Sudarshan H, Prashanth NS, Biggs BA.2011LinkJournalAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Numerical narratives: Accounts of front line health workers in India. Mishra A2011Conference PresentationInternational seminar on Plural forms of evidence: Methodological and comparative Issues, University of Britsol, United Kingdom
Factors Influencing Receipt of Iron Supplementation by Young Children and
their Mothers in Rural India
Pasricha SR, Biggs BA, Prashanth NS, Sudarshan H, Moodie R, Black J, Shet A. 2011Link
JournalBMC Public Health
What next for measles control for Karnataka,India?
Raveesha MR2011DownloadConference Presentation7th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, Barcelona, Spain,
Response: caught between two world viewsRoopa Devadasan 2011Download Indian Journal of Medical Ethics
Identification of correlates for not reaching the ART centre in TB-HIV co-infected patients. Vijayashree HY, Kumarswamy L, Karadiguddi CC2011Conference Presentation42nd World Conference on Lung Health of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Lille, France
Youth and on-screen tobacco use: value of media rating system. Institute of Public Health; 2010 - A report submitted to the World Health Organization (India) office.Bhojani U. Devadasan N. 2010DownloadArticleProject report
Upendra Bhojani, Prashanth N S2010DownloadReportreport on Indian Hub on Health System
Primary health care in the 21st century: primary care providers and people’s empowerment. Van Olmen J, Criel B, Devadasan N, Pariyo G, De Vos P, Van Damme W, Van Dormael M, Marchal B, Kegels G2010DownloadTropical Medicine and International Health
Pain - is it necessary, is it badN Devadasan2010Download
Community-based planning & monitoring of public health servicesBhojani UM, Madhav G, State Mentoring Monitoring Group Karnataka (Narayan T, Sudarshan H, Premadas E, Basavaraju E, Prabha N, Saligram P, Oblesha KB, Karpagam S)2010DownloadInternational Conference on Health Systems Strengthening,Chennai,India
Interim report by Study group on delivery of health service
N Devadasan2010Download Report
Annual report to the people of IndiaN Devadasan2010Government of India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
It’s better to smoke and dine in smoke-free zones.Bhojani U2010DownloadThe Deccan Chronicle
Using Evidence to inform policy making and implementation: A case of tobacco control in KarnatakaBhojani U2010Download8th Winter Symposium on ‘Evidence Informed Healthcare’, Vellore India
Pain – is it necessary, is it bad?Devadasan N 2010
Advocacy Cards for implementation of pictorial warnings on tobacco packs in local language for dissemination to policy makers

Court bans Indian tobacco board from trade showBhojani UM, Venkataraman V2010DownloadTobacco Control
Healthy forests and healthy people: A problem of first among equalsPrashanth NS2010Link
JournalCurrent Conservation
Social protection in health: the need for a transformative dimensionMichielsen Joris, Meulemans H, Soors W, Ndiaye P, Devadasan N, De Herdt T, Verbist G, Criel B.2010Link

Tropical Medicine and International Health
Under reported deaths and inflated deliveries: making sense of health management information systems in IndiaBhojani UM, Prashanth NS, Devadasan N2010Link

Conference presentation - OralInternational Conference on Health Systems Strengthening, Chennai,India
Capacity building programme for district health teamKavya R, Bhojani U, Prashanth NS, Devadasan N2010DownloadConference presentation International Conference on Health Systems Strengthening
Community health insurance and universal coverage: Multiple paths, many rivers to crossSoors W, Devadasan N, Durairaj V, Criel B2010DownloadWorld Health Report Background Paper, 48, World Health Organisation 2010 pp
The effect of community health insurance schemes on patient satisfaction – evidence from IndiaDevadasan N, Criel B, Van Damme W, Lefevre P, Manoharan S, Van der Stuyft P2010Link

Indian Journal of Medical Research.
Tobacco use and related factors among pre-university students in a college in Bangalore, IndiaUpendra M Bhojani, S J Chander, N Devadasan2009DownloadResearch articleResearch article
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