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Essential Concepts in Financing for Health Systems

Health financing is a key building block of a health system. In their efforts to reach universal health coverage, governments across the globe are introducing various health financing reforms, shifting from pure tax based or insurance-based mechanism to a more mixed form of financing. In this current scenario, competency in health financing is an important asset for both professionals and policy makers. Unfortunately, one of the major challenges faced by low and middle income countries is the lack of human resource with the required expertise in health financing.  It is to bridge this gap that IPH is launching an e-learning course on Health Financing. This course is organized and taught by Dr. N. Devadasan ,an expert on health financing with experience from the grass root level to policy level in this subject. He is a visiting faculty in many universities and is also a member of various committees on health financing.

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Objectives of the course

Health financing aims to build the competency of participants in describing, implementing and analyzing a health financing system or scheme. At the end of this course, the participants will be able to describe a health financing scheme in a structured manner, implement a scheme in their region and will be able to analyse the performance of a scheme and suggest corrections. 


Course Syllabus

The course consists of 4 modules, all of which are compulsory.  The minimum student investment time of  4 hours per week is expected for successful completion of each module.

Recommended Background

The course is beneficial for students of public health, public health professionals, implementers of HF schemes and policy makers. Anybody with a master’s degree and interested in health financing can apply.

What will you learn?

Module-1 : Theory of health financing
  • Unit 1- Introduction to Health financing
  • Unit 2 – Mechanisms of financing
  • Unit 3 – Health Financing indicators
Module-2 : Health Insurance
  • Unit 1 – Introduction to health insurance
  • Unit 2 – Types of health insurance
  • Unit 3 – Indicators of health insurance
  • Unit 4- Strength and weakness of health insurance
Module-3 : Tax Based and user fee
  • Unit 1 – Introduction to tax based financing mechanism
  • Unit 2 – National health accounts
  • Unit 3 – Strength and weakness tax based financing mechanism
Module-4 : Other health financing mechanisms
  • Unit 1: Medical Savings Account
  • Unit 2: User fees
  • Unit 3: Donors
  • Unit 4: Conclusion/Consolidation of the health financing

Meet the Instructors

N Devadasan

N Devadasan

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi Krishna


B L Himabindu

B L Himabindu


Aneesha Ahluwalia

Aneesha Ahluwalia


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the language of instruction in the course?
English will be the medium of instruction.
What is the course fee?
Health Financing course fee:- 15,500
How many hours per week am I expected to put in?
The course is designed for health managers who are already busy with their work. So, the course expects a minimum of 4 hours per week.
What is the duration of the course?

The course is of 4 months duration.

Will I be provided a mentor for the course?
Yes, It is a tutor guided course. A qualified public health professional will be facilitating the course and will be there to guide you at each step.
What are the class timings?
There are no specific class timings that you are expected to follow on a day to day basis. However there are certain activities that you have to complete within a certain time frame and submit before the given deadline to progress to the next stage in the course. Please refer the study guide for more details.
Who can take Health financing courses?
The course is beneficial for students of public health, public health professionals, implementers of HF schemes and policy makers. Anybody with a master’s degree and interested in health financing can apply.
Will I get a certificate for this course?
Yes. You will get a certificate provided that you fulfill all the requirements of the course which include timely completion of the assignments, final tests and a project.
Are there any placement options after the course?

Since it is a short certificate course we do not have a dedicated placement cell for this course. However all the details of students enrolled in the course will be updated in the IPH database and any job opportunities that might arise in the future at IPH will be intimated to the alumnus via email and those who are interested can apply.