Planetary Health Interpretation Centre In Pakke Tiger Reserve

As part of the THETA project (Towards Health Equity & Transformative Action on tribal health), India Alliance fellow Dr Prashanth N Srinivas and his team at IPH Bengaluru plan to set up a Planetary Health Interpretation Centre in Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh, India, in collaboration with faculty from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, key government officials from the Pakke Tiger Reserve Forest Department and community actors living around the tiger reserve.

The initiative will build on the results of the THETA study that examined health inequalities in communities living around Pakke Tiger Reserve in western Arunachal Pradesh, northeast India. A participatory and community-based planetary health interpretation engagement shall begin with the establishment of a centre housed within the tiger reserve administration where people can learn about public health and the natural world and understand the close interactions between these.

‘Planetary Health’ revolves around the relationship between humanity and the natural environment as a sustainable life support system, that is built upon a community of practice of planetary education, research and policy. The engagement shall be a two-objective process of co-creating a planetary health centre and institutionalizing it through building a local network of people who shall make use of the platform for community-based engagement on various aspects of improving health and wellness of local communities.

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