“Living with Snakes - Pop Up”

There are about 4,000 species of snakes reported globally and just about 20% of them are venomous, although there are about 60,000 deaths caused due to snake bite incidents every year in India, there are no reports of any snake species that chase or eat humans. These and many other facts and myths, dos and don’ts are part of the “Living with Snakes – Pop Up” awareness campaign posters part of One Health.

These posters have been carefully crafted in English and Assamese by designer and illustrator Malavika Sagar and educator Chandini Chhabra from Liana Trust, with contributions from Shradha Rathod and Dr. Nandini Velho from Canopy Collective. Translations were done by Dr. Runu Dutta and Dr. Abhilasha Sharma. Photographs were provided by Aamod Zambre, Nilanjan Mukherjee, Rohan Pandit, Gerry Martin, and Kime Rambia.

One Health is an India Alliance Public Engagement Grant focused on Exploring One Health through films and collaborations in North-East India, through two filmmakers Hansatanu Roy and Daiolang Paslein, in their own words, who are collaborating with Green Hub, the Institute of Public Health, and Dr. Nandini Velho, ORA India Fellow and Project Lead at Canopy Collective.