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IPH Bengaluru eLearning courses are now accredited by The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences & TechnologyBengaluru

eLearning courses at IPH are competency-based and pedagogically sound that are designed to improve the knowledge and skills of the participants on a specific topic or skill-set in public health


Research Methods

5 Credits

Scientific Writing

3 Credits

Health Financing

3 Credits

Public Health Management

4 Credits

Good Health Research Practices

2 Credits


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Admissions open for eRM.2021-C batch

Certificate Course in Research Methods (eRM)  5 Credits

In this eRM course, we start with helping the student develop clear and well formulated research questions. Participants are then taught how to select research designs and methods best suited to answer the research question, beyond the usual epidemiological disciplines. We encourage the use of interdisciplinary strategies including use of methods that have evolved from other disciplines such as the social sciences.

Duration: 4 Month | Study time: 3-4/ weekTutor guided | Completion certificate

Admissions open for eSWaRM.2021-C batch

eLearning Course in Scientific Writing & Reference Management (eSWaRM) 3 Credits

The eSWaRM course will introduce participants to the different types of scientific articles and provide an outline of how to write an original research article describing their original scientific research. To enable health professionals to write scientific research articles that can be published and to equip them with skills to cite and manage references/ bibliography while writing using a reference management tool such as Mendeley.

Duration: 3 Month | Study time: 3-4/ weekTutor guided | Completion certificate

Admissions open for eFHS.2021-B batch

eLearning Course in Essential Concepts in Financing for Health Systems (eFHS) 3 Credits

Health financing is a key building block of a health system. In their efforts to reach universal health coverage, governments across the globe are introducing various health financing reforms, shifting from pure tax based or insurance-based mechanism to a more mixed form of financing. In this current scenario, competency in health financing is an important asset for both professionals and policy makers

Duration: 4 Month | Study time: 3-4/ weekTutor guided | Completion certificate

Admissions open for ePHM.2021-A batch

eLearning Course in Public Health Mangement (ePHM) 4 Credits

ePHM-Advanced course is one of its kind public health course in India. Catering to both novices and mid-level public health professionals, it helps one look at the Indian public health through a systems thinking lens. It covers a range of topics including key management concepts and also helps the participants garner skills needed to become better health managers.

Duration: 4 Month | Study time: 3-4/ weekTutor guided | Completion certificate

Admissions closed

eLearning Course in Good Health Research Practices (eGHRP) 2 Credits

eGHRP course is to impart knowledge and skills for the application of ethical and quality principles in the design, conduct, recording and reporting of health research in humans. The course covers all aspects from writing the protocol to disseminating results and includes study management skills addressing specific issues in public health research.

Duration: 2 Month | Study time: 3-4/ weekTutor guided | Completion certificate


Are there any placement options after the course?

Since it is a short certificate course we do not have a dedicated placement cell for this course. However all the details of students enrolled in the course will be updated in the IPH database and any job opportunities that might arise in the future at IPH will be intimated to the alumnus via email and those who are interested can apply.

Will I get a certificate for this course?

Yes. You will get a certificate provided that you fulfils all the requirements of the course which include timely completion of the assignments, final tests and a project.

How many hours per week should I spend?

The course is designed for health managers who are already busy with their work. So, the course expects a minimum of 4 hours per week.

Will I be provided a mentor for the course?

Yes, It is a tutor guided course. A qualified public health professional will be facilitating the course and will be there to guide you at each step.

Are there any options for a scholarship?

Yes! You can put in a request  we have few seats rescued for the candidate. Based on our criteria we decide the eligibility for the scholarship.

What is the language of instruction in the course?

English will be the medium of instruction.

What are the class timings?

There are no specific class timings that you are expected to follow on a day to day basis. However there are certain activities that you have to complete within a certain time frame and submit before the given deadline to progress to the next stage in the course.

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