Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru Annual Day 2021

Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru Annual Day 2021

16th Annual Day of IPH, Bengaluru

The Institute of Public Health (IPH), Bengaluru celebrated IPH Annual Day- 2021, marking the completion of 16 years on September 3, 2021. The annual day was attended by many collaborators, adjunct faculty, honorary associates, ex-employees, well-wishers, staff, and others who made it a successful virtual-Annual Day-2021 for us.

The annual day began with an introduction to IPH and its work during the COVID-19 pandemic and how we adapted to the new normal. Over the last year, researchers at IPH participated in 10 conferences, attended 11 courses, were part of 11 teaching engagements, 12 oral presentations, published 14 peer-reviewed scientific publications and several blogs, and conducted 3 webinars and 7 training sessions.

In the education domain of our institute, we trained 20 students in e-Public Health Management course, 57 students in Scientific Writing and Reference management course, 37 students completed their certificate programme in research methods, 12 students in essential concepts in Financing for health systems and 7 students were trained in Good health research practice course.

IPH was instrumental in setting up the India Health Policy and Systems Research Fellowships Programme, a premier capacity building program in the country and facilitated along with other institutional collaborators in successfully completing the online training phase, and developing the mentorship strategy for the program.

We at IPH played our part by raising awareness about COVID-19, supporting primary health care facilities in Bengaluru and Chamarajanagar, working in dealing effectively with COVID-19, and providing technical assistance to state and national agencies.

Here is a short video of what IPH contributed to society and a testimonial of beneficiaries and other stakeholders:

Followed by the testimonial video, we conducted a panel discussion with a title: “One pandemic, many experiences, reflection from diverse experiences during Covid-19” moderated by Dr. Prashanth NS, Assistant Director (Research), IPH Bengaluru. The panelist for the discussion was: Dr. Vishal Rao is presently the Chief of Head & Neck Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery at HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore. He is the inventor of ‘Aum Voice Prosthesis’ a $1 speaking device for throat cancer patients; Dr. Roopa Devadasan is a Public health doctor who turned into a yoga teacher after twelve years of practicing medicine. She has been teaching science and yoga to children; Dr. Harini Nagendra is the Director of Research Center at the University and leads the University’s Center for Climate Change and Sustainability and Ms.Uma Mahadevan is currently serving as Principal Secretary, Panchayat Raj, Women & child development, Govt of Karnataka. She has served in multiple capacities at the central and the state, prominent among them are as principal secretary in the department of agriculture, education, health & family welfare, women & child development.


Followed by this, we had an interesting Oration session by Dr. C Madegowda, a tribal rights activist. The session was introduced by Dr. Pragati Hebbar, Assistant Director (Administration), IPH Bengaluru

Dr. Madegowda is an eminent social scientist and an Adivasi rights activist coming from the Bangalee podo of the Billigiri Ramaswamy betta Tiger reserve in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. He holds the distinction of being the first PhD scholar from the Solega community. He works as a senior research associate at the Ashoka Trust for research in ecology and the environment. Dr. Madegowda has been working very closely with the implementation of the Forest right act and various issues surrounding it among Solega as well as other forest-dwelling Adivasi communities in Karnataka. He has held various leadership positions at different levels, at the taluka, district at state within Solega, and broader Adivasi community structures or sanghas.


As part of the cultural event, we organized a small dance piece performed by Surya School of Performing Arts, Bengaluru which was followed by the Vote of thanks.


We would like to take this opportunity to convey our gratitude to everyone who has been part of this journey.

IPH Annual Day Oration & Panel Discussion 2021

IPH Annual Day Oration & Panel Discussion 2021



We are pleased to invite you to the Institute of Public Health (IPH) ‘Annual day 2021’, This year marks the completion of 16 years in the field of public health and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our collaborators, adjunct faculty, honorary associates, ex-employees, well wishers, staff and others who have been part of this journey.

IPH Panel Discussion & Oration is a public event, please feel free to disseminate in your networks.

Agenda (IST):
Opening remarks (2 to 2:15 pm)
Panel Discussion (2:15 to 3:15 pm)
Oration (3:15 to 4:15 pm)
Cultural program & closing remarks (4:15 to 4:30 pm)

Panel Discussion

Topic: “One pandemic, many experiences. Reflections from diverse experiences during COVID-19”
Moderator: Dr. Prashanth N Srinivas


Orator for this year: Dr. C. Madegowda

Title: “Health, education and livelihoods for Adivasis through forest rights: the journey of the Solega community in Chamarajanagar, Karnataka”

Dr. C. Madegowda, PhD

Dr. C. Madegowda, PhD

is a social scientist and tribal rights activist from Bangalee Podu in Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Tiger Reserve in Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka. He is involved with the implementation of the Forest Rights Act among many Adivasi communities of Karnataka. A Senior Research Associate at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology & Environment, he has held several positions of leadership in the taluka, district and state level Solega and other Adivasi sanghas. He leads participatory resource monitoring of sustainable harvesting of non timber products by Adivasi communities, mentors many Solega youth towards leadership and community action and holds the distinction of being the first PhD graduate from the Solega people.

IPH Annual Day Oration 2020

IPH Annual Day Oration 2020


Dr. Gita Sen



About the Speaker

Dr. Gita Sen
Founder & Member of the Executive Committee of Development Alternatives with Women.
Currently serves on the Scientific & Technical Advisory Group of WHO’s Department of Reproductive Health and Research.
Co-chair of PAHO’s Technical Advisory Group on Gender Equality and Health.
Gender & Health Scholar with Multiple academic affiliations to Indian and Global academic centers of excellence.

IPH Oration series is a public event, please feel free to disseminate the flyer among your networks – Download Flyer

IPH Annual day oration 2019

IPH Annual day oration 2019

IPH has completed 14 incredible years of growth in the field of public health. Our work in the domains of public health research, education and policy engagement continue and we would like to celebrate this with our collaborators, adjunct faculty, honorary associates, ex-employees, well-wishers, staff and others who have been part of this journey.

This milestone would not have been possible without your cooperation and support. Hence the governing board, management and staff of IPH would like to invite you for this year’s edition of our public health oration series – 2019.

The IPH annual day oration is a public event, so please feel free to circulate this invite to those you feel may find it useful. Hoping to see you at the event.

“Can floor moppers become tap turners off? reflection on a new public health paradigm!”

About speaker:

Dr Ravi Narayan explores a journey of nearly five decades which all stated with the stimulus of a refugee camp experience of a medical intern in 1971, followed by a professional journey of academia, research and field practice- in public health and community medicine at St johns- a community oriented medical college in south India till 1983.

In 1984, he along with many colleagues walked out of the confines of a medical college to initiate the CHC and later SOCHARA which very recently has been called a ‘campus without walls’.SOCHARA in today’s terminologies could  be described as an early start up in Community Health which participated in the incubation and evolution of  several innovations including PHM/ JSA/GHW/IPHU/ CHESS/ CFTFK/ AIDAN/DAF-K and so many others.
During this community journey, various milestones have been related to work with the medico friends circle, the community health movement in India; the peoples health movement at global and national level; the National Rural Health Mission; the Public Health Foundation of India;  the Ministry of health and the Planning commission ; the state health policy processes in Karnataka, MP, Jharkhand, Rajasthan ; the Global Forum for Heath Research ; the  Emerging Voices in Health process and so on.

In all these years Dr Ravi has consistently promoted a community health paradigm shift from a bio medically oriented techno – managerial process to a  social/ community oriented  model that  includes- concepts such as  communitization; SEPCE analysis; globalisation of health solidarity from below; social vaccine and so on.

IPH Annual day oration 2018

IPH Annual day oration 2018

“As part of the IPH Annual Day celebrations on September 1 (2018), we launched an IPH Annual Day Oration Series. The purpose of this series is to hear from distinguished professionals and leaders talk about their journey, experiences and perspectives that motivate and inform public health professionals.
We are glad that Sri KV Dhananjay delivered the inaugural IPH Annual Day Oration. He is a distinguished lawyer practising at Supreme Court of India and various High Courts in the country. His areas of practice involve constitutional law, administrative law, tax legislation as well as arbitration and commercial disputes involving a substantial question of law. He takes a keen interest in public health. He provided legal and constitutional perspectives on public health in India, including sharing his experiences of engaging in several public health matters in courts.