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Short courses at IPH are competency based and pedagogically sound that are designed to improve knowledge and skills of the participants on a specific topic or skill-set in public health

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e-learning course in Public Health Management

Admissions closed!

The ePHM-Advanced course aims to provide overview of concepts on systems thinking and health systems strengthening

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e-learning course in Health Financing

Admissions closed!

Health Financing aims to build the competency of participants in describing, implementing and analyzing a health financing system. HF is a key block of health system.

Short courses in pipeline

e-Learning course in Good Health Research Practice

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e-Learning course in Public Health Advocacy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be provided a mentor for the course?

Yes, It is a tutor guided course. A qualified public health professional will be facilitating the course and will be there to guide you at each step.

How many hours per week should I spend?

The course is designed for health managers who are already busy with their work. So, the course expects a minimum of 4 hours per week.

Will I get a certificate for this course?

Yes. You will get a certificate provided that you fulfill all the requirements of the course which include timely completion of the assignments, final tests and a project.

Are there any options for a scholarship?

Yes! You can put in a request  we have few seats rescued for the candidate. Based on our criteria we decide the eligibility for the scholarship.

What is the language of instruction in the course?

English will be the medium of instruction.

What are the class timings?

There are no specific class timings that you are expected to follow on a day to day basis. However there are certain activities that you have to complete within a certain time frame and submit before the given deadline to progress to the next stage in the course.

Are there any placement options after the course?

Since it is a short certificate course we do not have a dedicated placement cell for this course. However all the details of students enrolled in the course will be updated in the IPH database and any job opportunities that might arise in the future at IPH will be intimated to the alumnus via email and those who are interested can apply.

Testimonials from ePHM Basic

I have learnt many things from the online course on public health management, like how to analyse  reports; evaluate health indicators and handle data for monthly reports. This course has helped improve my programme management skills. Thank you IPH!

Rekha K Kaganur

Block Programme Manager, Mundaragi

We come from a management background where we don’t have much knowledge about health programmes like malaria, TB etc by doing this course we learnt many new things, like how to handle data & prepare for every meeting in the district. This course has improved my knowledge in health sector where I am now able to guide others in maintaining records and am confident about conducting meetings with the field staff. i very much enjoyed the course.

Pavithra H

Block Programme Manager, Mysore

When i have joined as BPM i dint not had any knowledge about National Rural Health Mission but getting into the work i have personally learned what is NRHM & what are its programmes, associated Reports.But what knowledge i learned it was like raw material to complete our work.But by E-PHM course i have got full knowledge of NHM programmes how it works & what are its objectives.most imporatant is why this NHM is inroduced & how it is useful of public health.I mainly learned how to calculate indicators. Hope By completion of this course we BPM’s become Gem of NHM

Basavaraj Chiniwalar

Block Programme Manager, Joida

From all the BPMs of the state we would like to thank you for providing us a platform to learn a lot through ePHM. The learning journey is very relaxing, methodology of teaching is very conclusive, the tutors have great voices.

Mehaboob Ali G

Block Programme Manager, Molakalmuru

Thanks to All ePHM Staff for a wonderful course. I have learnt many things, like how to monitor and evaluate a national health programme; analyse the data and make use of this data to improve our work.

Vishwanath BR

Block Programme Manager, Koppa

Being a business management graduate, i had less knowledge about the health programmes working as Block Programme Manager under National Health Mission. After enrolling to the ePHM course, i have learnt about the national programme in depth and gained more knowledge. This course helped me out in analysis and interpretation of the data which depends on the indicators. Now i can easily validate the data regarding the health programmes especially in Health Monitoring Information System. I am very thankful to our state health department and IPH Bangalore team.

Sahana BA

Block Programme Manager, Channarayapattana

Testimonials from ePHM Advanced

Although my colleague recommended this course to me, I felt a radical change in my understanding towards the programme, while pursuing this course through Institute of Public Health, Bangalore.  The course and its content has been very useful and the entire programme has been designed to cover all aspects in public health. I am extremely thankful to IPH for introducing such a wonderful course, especially for working professionals.

Jatinder pal singh chhatwal

I was very much fascinated to be a part of the ePHM course (Batch – C). Being in teaching profession it was joyful experience of 6 months to sit back again in the chair of student. The online testing pattern was always a challenge for me to score 100%. The testing procedure was very interesting which taught me the importance of time management. The course content enriched my knowledge on health care system. The systematic approach on various policies, management and critical issues of health care were dealt meticulously by the team. I’m proud to say that the course has helped me directly or indirectly to secure a job in Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., as Senior Manager, Training and Development. Currently I’m applying the principles of management learnt in this course which are serving as a good foundation to my new job. I personally feel that the course content can be an eye opener for the health care professional to develop strategies that are needed to fill the lacunae in the health care policies of India.
R.Harish Chandra

When I was looking for a way to update my public health background, my friend suggested me this course where in i feel it is the excellent education delivered in a format especially designed for busy proffesionals.I feel that the programme has a great graduate level overview of the current state in public health. As the quallity of the material were of such a caliber i could now step in to the full time courses for moving further. the discussion forum and the assignment made us to interrogate with the fellow trainees and the resource persons. I Should thank the tutor  and the team who were so supportive and were always willing to guide or correct us throughout the course. I would definitely recommend this course to others because this has given a  strong base on how to understand the public health and how to move on to reach out to the community by increasing of knowledge and skill in doing so.
Ramya S

Excellent course to partake in. The exposure and the day when I enrolled into, was the most serendipitous experience of my life. The course is comprehensive, practical and contemporary not just for the beginners but for those who are acquainted in public health too. The course content and supplementary reading material provided is magnificent and splendid. The faculty and the course tutor all are treat to work with. Thoroughly enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend this course to all public health seekers, to enhance their skill and raise their penchant for PHM.
Ravi Shah

I am a public health professional with 13 years of experience but did not have any relevant qualification. This course has made me acquire a formal qualification which I  can display in my CV. Now I am a certified and qualified public health professional. I wish many more people who are working in this field but do not have a formal qualification take up this course. Its easy, flexible and have cooperative faculties.This course has helped me gain an insight into the entire gamut of public health and I have an understanding of all the programmes under the aegis of NHM in India. This has surely helped in providing me with technical knowledge on various govt projects and schemes on health and nutrition. Wish this course all the best. 
Niranjan Bariyar

Institute of Public Health’s e-Learning program is a great opportunity for anyone working in the area of healthcare in India. The course has provided me with a perspective on how public health system is structured in India, its historical context and it key issues. This in turn has given me an appreciation of its needs – be it resources, financial, skills or technology, and therefore proving invaluable for my new venture in health sector. The course itself is very well structured and moves at a gentle pace that working professionals can cope up with. It combines class room study with research topics that makes learning a two-way process. The faculty and the staff are extremely supportive and go out of the way to discuss specific questions from participants on a one-on-one basis. An incredible experience overall!
Shobhit Mathur

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