IPH Bengaluru Annual day Oration 2019

IPH has completed 14 incredible years of growth in the field of public health. Our work in the domains of public health research, education and policy engagement continue and we would like to celebrate this with our collaborators, adjunct faculty, honorary associates, ex-employees, well-wishers, staff and others who have been part of this journey.

This milestone would not have been possible without your cooperation and support. Hence the governing board, management and staff of IPH would like to invite you for this year’s edition of our public health oration series – 2019.

The IPH annual day oration is a public event, so please feel free to circulate this invite to those you feel may find it useful. Hoping to see you at the event.

“Can floor moppers become tap turners off? reflection on a new public health paradigm!”

About Orator:

Dr Ravi Narayan explores a journey of nearly five decades which all stated with the stimulus of a refugee camp experience of a medical intern in 1971, followed by a professional journey of academia, research and field practice- in public health and community medicine at St johns- a community oriented medical college in south India till 1983.

In 1984, he along with many colleagues walked out of the confines of a medical college to initiate the CHC and later SOCHARA which very recently has been called a ‘campus without walls’.SOCHARA in today’s terminologies could  be described as an early start up in Community Health which participated in the incubation and evolution of  several innovations including PHM/ JSA/GHW/IPHU/ CHESS/ CFTFK/ AIDAN/DAF-K and so many others.
During this community journey, various milestones have been related to work with the medico friends circle, the community health movement in India; the peoples health movement at global and national level; the National Rural Health Mission; the Public Health Foundation of India;  the Ministry of health and the Planning commission ; the state health policy processes in Karnataka, MP, Jharkhand, Rajasthan ; the Global Forum for Heath Research ; the  Emerging Voices in Health process and so on.

In all these years Dr Ravi has consistently promoted a community health paradigm shift from a bio medically oriented techno – managerial process to a  social/ community oriented  model that  includes- concepts such as  communitization; SEPCE analysis; globalisation of health solidarity from below; social vaccine and so on.