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A New Beginning …..

On a busy OPD day, a surprise visit by the supervisor was least expected. Pushing away all the regular responsibilities of the day, the Primary Health Centre Medical Officer [PHC MO], for the next few hours had to devote all his time and attention answering queries of the supervisor. (more…)

Misconceptions: In one’s head, and around………..

Yesterday I set off to train Health workers at KG Halli – a clean and bright training centre in the midst of a large slum. The health workers were enthusiastic and raring to go. I started off – slowly, testing their knowledge and understanding. They seemed keen to learn – a mix of Tamil and Kannada, with Urdu thrown in for good measure. (more…)


Every year the residents of Adugodi celebrate the festival of Piliagamma in the month of February. The menu of the day in all the homes is strictly non vegetarian.Since 3 years of being married into this part of the city, I have been an active part of the event without knowing the history behind the day. This year the curious cat in me awoke and questioned the very history of the day and the deity.

The tale goes thus (more…)