How difficult was it to see working anganawadi!

IPH has been working in KG Halli in order to improve quality of healthcare for people living in this ward since last 3 years.In order to achieve this, IPH aims to work with healthcare providers (government and private), authorities (councilor, health department, anganawadies, others) as well as people living in KG Halli area.
Bharathmahta slum (BM slum) is one of the sub areas of KG halli. When we are working with community we realized that the anganawadi teacher working in BM slum is irregular. Because of this the mothers from BM slum, approached IPH staff to help to run the anganawadi properly. We spoke and discussed with the teacher many times, asked her what is preventing her from coming to work regularly and on time.  Every time we discussed she gave an excuse of “I am a widow nobody is there at home, I have to do all the household work, so I come late”. It sounded like she was making some excuse and trying to gain sympathy by saying I’m widow to shy away from her responsibility. Continuous support and discussion to resolve her problem from IPH staff did not bring in any change in her attitude. Then we met CDPO (Child Development and Programme Officer) who is heading anganawadi centers to discuss the issue with this anganawadi. He also warned her many times but there was no change in her irregularity.

Further we invited CDPO to Bharathmatha slum, so that he could see the actual problem and take some decision. When he visited BM slum anganawadi the teacher was not there.  Then on the same day we organized the community meeting with CDPO. During the meeting participants from the community said “we don’t want this teacher in our area” and requested CDPO to transfer the anganawadi teacher. Then CDPO transferred her temporarily. The CDPO appointed a teacher for BM slum but she was under deputation. She would come to the anganawadi on alternative days. Though this gave some relief but did not solve the problem completely.

We continued meeting CDPO, to get full time teacher. After  5-6 months of persistent approach new teacher was appointed by CDPO.
New teacher is young and it is her first appointment. CDPO requested  urban health project team to support her as she is new to the department. IPH team explained about roles and responsibilities of teacher and how involving community can help improve services provided by the anganawadi. Urban health project team arranged meeting with anganawadi teacher and community to introduce new teacher. During the meeting   teacher showed interest to interact with the community and the community was happy to see new anganawadi teacher. The community is expecting a lot from this new teacher and we all hope she lives up to the expectation.


Blog posted by: Munegowda C.M

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