Workshop on Research Management in Public Health Research Organisations

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru!

We are organising a workshop of “ Workshop on research management in public health research organisations” on 12th January 2022 from 2.00 to 5.00 PM.

What is Research Management?
All the support activities are undertaken in assisting the PI/researcher that helps take off the certain administrative burdens on the researchers.
It includes all the processes from proposal submission to project closure.

Rationale behind Research Management
Research Management is an important aspect in public health research organisations. Most of the processes from proposal writing till the project closure are carried out by the researchers with the help of a few support staff. This burdens the researchers and a lot of the productive time is lost in these administrative activities. 

The role of the Research Manager is defined here wherein all such activities are taken up by the Research Managers and thus researchers could actively focus on the research activities.

Role of India Research Management Initiative (IRMI)
The India Research Management Initiative (IRMI) of India Alliance aims to strengthen research ecosystems in India by building capacity for research management and creating a community of practice that supports knowledge creation and innovation for addressing global challenges.

They support the Research Managers through Research Management Grants, travel grants, and fellowship grants. The current workshop is also supported under such as IRMI initiative at the IPH, Bengaluru

Objectives of the Workshop
The objective of this workshop is that the Research Managers across the public health research organisations come together and share their practices and processes and put forward their thoughts that could facilitate peer learning.

We hope this workshop will strengthen our collaborative efforts and help us to work together and improve research management practices at the participating institutes.

Workshop Details
The workshop shall be a blended model and participants are welcome to join online and offline at the Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru. All the COVID Appropriate Behavior shall be followed.

The workshop includes presentations by Research Managers among the public health research Institutes on the topic “Research Management practices at the Institute, Challenges faced and measures are taken to overcome the challenges” and talk by experts Dr. Varadarajan who is pursuing research on mental health amongst tribal youth and Dr. Malini Pillai, Grants Adviser at National Centre for Biological Sciences-TIFR, Bangalore.

Link for participation

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Meeting ID: 875 6176 3155

Passcode: 798901

Please feel free to circulate it to the Research Managers of your known contacts.