Youth and Tobacco Use

This was a research study that aimed to understand the tobacco use and related factors among pre-university students in Bengaluru. Specific objectives were to (1) understand extent and pattern of tobacco use; (2) understand perceptions of tobacco and tobacco users; and (3) assess implementation of the select provision of Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA). The study used a mixed-methods approach collecting data through a survey, focus group discussions and photo documentation techniques. A total of 1087 students from 19 pre-university colleges spread across Bengaluru were studied.

The study found that 33.1% of students had ever used tobacco while 7.2% of students were the current users of tobacco. More than 30% of students reported seeing their teachers using tobacco while nearly 50% of students had at least one of their family members using tobacco. In violation of the prevailing COTPA provisions, 18 out of 19 pre-university colleges had one or more tobacco selling points within 100 yards of their campus. Over 59% of minors were able to directly purchase tobacco products from vendors.

This study was primarily supported through the SRTT-ISEC visiting fellowship awarded to Upendra Bhojani.

– Bhojani U. Youth and tobacco use: a monograph on perceptions, practices & policies. Bangalore: Institute of Public Health; 2013

– Bhojani U, Elias MA, Devadasan N. Adolescents’ perceptions about smoker in Karnataka, India. BMC Public Health 2011;11:563

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