Patient-Centered Care (PCC) is an essential, albeit underdeveloped dimension in quality of (health) care. In this presentation, the notion of PCC is defined. The current situation in terms of PCC in LMIC is then briefly reviewed, with an important but not exclusive focus on the situation in sub-Saharan Africa (even if lack of PCC also occurs in other parts of the worlds, including HIC). A framework is presented to analyze the various obstacles in the delivery of PCC, and, eventually, a number of avenues for addressing and researching the problematic situation of PCC is LMIC’s health care systems are explored.


Prof. Bart Criel




11:00 am – 1:00 pm


Institute of Public health
#250, 2nd C Main, 2nd C Cross,
Girinagar Ist  Phase,
Bengaluru – 560085

Admissions open for 2022!

In this Certificate course in Implementation Research Methods (eIR) course, There is a need to understand implementation in the real-world context. There are many evidence-based interventions to improve health that have not been effectively delivered. The research agenda especially in the context of maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases, etc. have been shifting and needs to shift from understanding the problem to actually intervening and testing solutions in health care systems. This Certificate course in Implementation Research Methods (eIR) course will improve the capacity of researchers to answer implementation research questions.

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