Launch of IPH as TBPPM Learning Network, India Chapter National Secretariat

“Launch of IPH as TBPPM Learning Network, India Chapter National Secretariat” 

Fostering Collaboration for TB Prevention and Care

In a significant stride toward advancing TB prevention and care efforts in India, the Institute of Public Health Bengaluru (IPH Bengaluru) was officially unveiled as the National Secretariat to host the TB Public Private Mix Learning Network (TBPPM-LN), India Chapter.

About TBPPM-LN India:
The TBPPM-LN, an offshoot of the global initiative launched in 2021, has rapidly grown into a dynamic community of practitioners focusing on private sector engagement in TB care. With India carrying the highest burden of TB and large proportion of initial care seek being the private sector, PPM in TB became imperative. The need for cross learning in TB PPM space by all stakeholders in India led to the establishment of a dedicated chapter within the global network. The formation of an Advisory Board set the roadmap for the TBPPM-LN India chapter.
The TBPPM-LN India chapter, a neutral platform is dedicated to documenting PPM action (Launch at Union Conference 2023, Paris was 1. TB PPM Compendium – compilation of TB-PPM initiatives that presents the wealth of PPM lessons from India and 2. Documentary- TBPPM Virtual Field Visits), providing targeted learning opportunities (Profiling of dynamic NGO database for PPSA eligibility), facilitating community interaction, implementing mentor-mentee program, hosting webinars, and digitizing the knowledge platform (repository of TB PPM resources). These activities aim to accelerate TB-related initiatives across India and bring us closer to the common goal of ending TB.

IPH Bengaluru’s Role:

Selected after a meticulous evaluation of three institutions (IPH, ISB, PSPH), IPH Bengaluru emerged as the ideal choice based on its expertise in public health research, learning management, capacity to host and alignment with organizational priorities. The IPH is a public health research, non-profit organization established with a vision to create an equitable, integrated, decentralized, and participatory health system within a just and empowered society.  

The National Secretariat launch event marked a pivotal moment in the TBPPM-LN India journey, aligning with the local context, fostering domestic fundraising for future sustainability and aligning with CTD/NTSU and their ongoing PPM efforts.

Launch Highlights:
The official launch event was held virtually on Nov 23rd, witnessed the presence of esteemed members, including the TBPPM Advisory Committee, TB PPM Global team/India team, PPM Implementers (REACH, DFY, WHP), Head of IAPSM, NGOs, a government official from NTSU and IPH staff. Engaging discussions, insightful presentations, and collaborative networking were the hallmarks of the occasion.

Key actionable points included were:

  • Knowledge dissemination through articles, blogs, newsletters, and feature stories.
  • Nurture a community of practitioners in their TB PPM journey.
  • Facilitate and coordinate South-South collaboration.
  • Bringing together various stakeholders to work on a particular research agenda.

Future Prospects: 

With the launch of the TBPPM India National Secretariat, the network is poised for significant progress. IPH Bengaluru will play a central role in coordinating TB PPM activities and generating knowledge products that will benefit TB PPM practitioners across the nation.