Knowledge to action

Knowledge to action

While it is still too early to assess the impact of this training programme, we share some anecdotal evidence of its effect.

  • The District Tuberculosis Officer applied the concepts of problem tree analysis to help her improve case detection of TB patients.
  • The Administrative  Medical  Officer  of  Gubbi taluk conducted  a  study  in  his  hospital  to understand the reasons behind patient dissatisfaction over the offered services.
  • The Taluk Health Officer from Gubbi taluk used the concepts in the module on motivation to understand the attitudes of his health centre staff.
  •  Situational analysis and data validation skills were employed by enthusiastic participants in the NRHM PIP formulation.
  • The District Tuberculosis officer and Reproductive and Child Health Officer have been using supportive supervisory skills in their everyday practice. This has opened up channels of communication with their peer and subordinates, and has also improved the quality of the outputs.
  • A few SK participants attended the International Conference on Strengthening District Health systems held at Chennai in May 2010.  They actively participated in the discussions and also made field trips to PHCs, Taluk hospitals and sub-centres. All field visits involved detailed interaction with the health functionaries of these institutions through interviews and tours of the facilities. The end result was a report which tried to explain why the health services in Tamil Nadu were more effective as compared to those in Karnataka.

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In this Certificate course in Research Methods (eRM) course, we start with helping the student develop clear and well formulated research questions. Participants are then taught how to select research designs and methods best suited to answer the research question, beyond the usual epidemiological disciplines.

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