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TurtleAs a part of Health Inc’s Work Package 1 ‘Capacity building and research network’ led by ITM, the newsletter offers a step-by-step package of support throughout the lifespan of the project (2011-2014). Each Newsletter discusses a specific (sub)topic related to research on social exclusion/inclusion and provides key references for further reading.

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Health Inc. WP1 newsletter 8 (5.12.2012) 

In this Newsletter we present and discuss a new framework for assessing social protection programmes from a social exclusion angle.

Previous Newsletters

Health Inc. WP1 newsletter 7 (31.10.2012)

Third in a series of three Health Inc Newsletters on focus groups. Discusses the key importance of power issues – between researcher and researched and within the researched – in focus groups.

Health Inc WP1 newsletter 6 (01.10.2012)

Second in a series of three Health Inc Newsletters on focus groups. After having discussed the history of focus group discussions (FGDs) and their particularities in social research (Newsletter 5), the present Newsletter 6 goes for the answer on a practical question: how to get the most out of FGDs?

Health Inc Newsletter-5 (17.09.2012)

The fifth newsletter of the Health Inc Capacity Building & Research Network is out. With this edition, the newsletter moves towards discussing qualitative methods esp. focus group discussions and their role in exploring the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of social exclusion.

Health Inc Newsletter-4 (12.03.2012)

The fourth newsletter contains two interesting articles on conducting research among the socially excluded. Both articles talk about why and how should excluded people be involved in planning and implementing the study. This is important if one is to conduct ethical research that makes exclusionary processes visible and affects policy.

Health Inc News letter-3 (03.08.2011)

Discussing social inclusion, the twinned concept of social exclusion, with illustrations from Senegal, Ghana and India. Peru’s president is given the last word (actually his first); the turtle keeps quiet.

Health Inc Newsletter-2 (23.07.2011)

An overview of the term social exclusion traveling South, and concrete examples from the Health Inc study countries: India, Ghana and Senegal. Food for thought from BR Ambedkar to conclude, and the turtle’s name revealed.

Health Inc Newsletter-1 (16.07.2011 )

An introduction to the Health Inc research consortium, to the Health Inc newsletter, and a very first introduction to the concept of social exclusion. A quote of Bertrand Russell to complete, and an unidentified turtle on top.


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