Health Inc. kick-off meeting at London

Health Inc. kick-off meeting at London

Health Inc consortiumDr.Devdasan and Dr.Tanya participated in the Health Inc. kick-off meeting at London between 27th and 29th June 2011.
All six partners of the consortium attended this meeting which was held at the London School of Economics.The key issues discussed included the conceptual overview of social exclusion and the overall description of work of Health Inc. focusing on the first year activities.There were also presentations and discussions on the health financing mechanisms and the social exclusion context in Ghana, Senegal, Maharashtra (India) and Karnataka (India) with emphasis on implementation of research in the respective sites. This meeting also provided an opportunity to all partners to interact with each other, and come to a common understanding about not only the concepts involved but also the project itself.

IPH team visits CHIAK (Kerala)

IPH team visits CHIAK (Kerala)

 Comprehensive Health Insurance Agency Kerala Dr.Tanya and Dr. N Devadasan visited the Comprehensive Health Insurance Agency Kerala (CHIAK) at the invitation of Kerala Government.

The aim of the visit was to understand the existing Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna(RSBY) program in Kerala and identify ways to strengthen it.

They also interacted with other stakeholders including patients, empanelled hospitals, Third party administrators,the Insurance company and the software company.

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A platform between the community and social services

The Bharathmatha slum community was facing a huge garbage problem. There was  incomplete garbage collection in the area which had given rise to multiple health problems to the community. The IPH team working in the urban health project decided to meet health inspector to discuss this issue and find solutions to help the community at KG halli.

During our meeting with the health inspector, he explained that there were issues with the timings of garbage collection in the area. The garbage collectors (Pourakarmikas) would come early in the morning, when it was inconvenient for the community to hand away the garbage to them.

As a follow-up of this, the IPH team decided to bring the community representatives and the municipality of the area together for a discussion. A meeting between 40 community representatives and BBMP senior health inspector Mr.Rayappa was arranged.

During this interaction, community members articulated the problems they were facing in respect to garbage collection. These problems were that the Pourakarmika workers would come only once in a week and days when these workers would not come the garbage would be thrown outside.

Addressing their problems, the health inspector promised that 2 pourakarmikas will be posted for the area. He also promised that he would ensure that the garbage will be collected twice a day. Further ahead, he requested the community members to handover the garbage to pourakarmikas and not through it outside.

In the same meeting, the community representatives brought up other issues which they were facing on an everyday basis in the locality. These problems were improper cement road, inadequate water supply, bad drainage facility, and many others.  Responding to these issues, the health inspector Mr.Rayappa proposed that in the forthcoming month a meeting including community members, representatives from BWSSB,( Bangalore water supply and Sewage Board)  AE,( Assistant Engineer)  MLA(Member of legislative assembly) and Councilor will be planned. This meeting would provide a platform for the community to interact with higher officials and put forth their grievances to be addressed by all.

One of the objectives of the urban health project is to facilitate a process to bring the community and government officials together on one platform. This activity would motivate the community members to discuss their problems and grievances directly and we anticipate this to be heard and addressed by the government representatives positively.

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