Qualification: MSc (Community Health Nursing); Work experience: Worked as a Nursing College lecturer (2014-2017); Research Officer. IPH,Bengaluru(2018 – 2021)

Angel Sudha is registered at The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU) and she is being guided by Dr. Prashanth N S (Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru) and Dr. Dorothy Lall (Co-Supervisor); Prof. Bruno Marchal, ITM, Belgium; Dr. Subhashree Balakrishnan; Dr. B.N. Prakash (TDU)

A theoretical framework to explain the reasons for caesarean sections (CS) in selected Public hospitals of Telangana from a Health systems perspective: a multisite case study approach

There is a paucity of knowledge (other than biomedical) regarding the reasons for CS in India . The current study aims to address the existing gap in the literature by developing a theoretical framework on the influence of multidimensional aspects (individual, social, organisational and state level/political/policy level) on the Cesarean Section deliveries in Telangana, a state with highest CS deliveries in the state. A multisite case study approach will be used for the study purpose

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