Women In IPH

"Women in IPH"

This year the theme is “Invest in women: Accelerate progress”.
Public health cannot be imagined without the role of women who form the backbone of public health services. Be it in research, education, clinical trials, outreach programs or field visits, women are a crucial part of the efforts to achieve the public health goals.
At the Institute of Public Health Bengaluru, we celebrated our women and took an opportunity to showcase the contributions of the women at our institute. We featured some inspiring journeys and contributions like how our women PhD scholars are not just spearheading large public health projects but are mentoring several other early career researchers and contributing to institutional committees and processes. By creating educational online courses on scientific writing, women are imparting knowledge through e-learning applications. From explaining and discussing with a tribal family for a routine health check-up to drawing blood samples for sickle cell testing, the Adivasi women who are engaged in the outreach approaches have broken the barriers of isolation and have gained the confidence of their tribe to actively participate in the public health initiatives. From curating a leadership course, engaging in the management of the institute, leading large-scale complex health systems research studies, to recording anthropometric measures of a newborn child, women are leading the way. Here is a look at the public health contributions of the women at IPH Bengaluru.