IPH networks with relevant stakeholders in health and forms/associates with  strategic coalitions on specific health issues/domains. Activities through these partnerships ranges from information sharing to collaborative advocacy. IPH has been associated with following major networks on public health issues.

Advocacy Forum for Tobacco Control

The Advocacy Forum for Tobacco Control  (AFTC) is a coalition of organizations and individuals working in the areas of advocacy, awareness and research related to tobacco control in India. The AFTC members include public health experts, health professionals, research scientists and officers from Indian NGOs. The main goal of the AFTC is to work in a coordinated manner on tobacco control advocacy at the national and regional levels. IPH is an associate member of AFTC since 2007.

Indian Health Economics and Policy Association

Indian Health Economics and Policy Association  (IHEPA) is the network of organisations  created to enable economists and other social science researchers, policymakers and practitioners to exchange, deliberate and discuss key issues and strategies in the health sector, in India as well as globally.  IPH is a founding member of IHEPA.

Switching International Health Policies and Systems

Switching International Health Policies and Systems  (SWIHPS) is an umbrella network of regional networks by organisations from different parts of the world working on health system issues. SWIHPS is coordinated by the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp. This network disseminate and exchange information, expertise and practice in International Health Policies (IHP) and Health Systems (HS), to contribute to stronger health systems and improved policy making. IPH is an active member of the network.

LINQED education network

LINQED educational network(learning together on quality in education in clinical, public and international health) was started in November 2008. It has 14 member institutions from across the world. The main objective of the network is to contribute to the improvement of human and animal health and to support the rational basis and country ownership of health care systems and policies in developing countries by strengthening postgraduate training capacity in clinical, public and international health. IPH is a member of this network and is currently on the executive committee board.

People's Health Movement

Peoples’ Health Movement (PHM) is a global network of grassroots health activists, civil society organizations and academic institutions particularly from developing countries. PHM currently has bases in more than 70 countries that include both individuals and well-established circles with their own governance structures. IPH is associated with the Jana Arogya Andolana, a Karnataka state chapter of Peoples’ Health Movement.

Medico Friend Circle

The Medico Friend Circle (MFC) is a nation-wide platform of secular, pluralist, and pro–people, pro-poor health practitioners, scientists and social activists interested in the health problems of the people of India.

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