Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Adhip Amin, Research Officer in the Chronic Health Conditions and Public Policies cluster at IPH, will be presenting a seminar titled, “Introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis.” This seminar will be on methods in the social science, specifically a basic introduction to Comparative Social Science Research, specifically Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). It will also discuss causal complexity in the social sciences and how QCA, rather than seeking to reduce the complexity — instead, works with it. QCA is a method that Dr. Upendra Bhojani and the project team aim to employ in the DEEP project. This seminar will be conceptual in nature.  

You are invited to attend this seminar in person or over Zoom using the link below:


          Adhip Amin



Institute of Public Health




2:00 pm – 3.00 pm


Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru

3009, II-A Main, 17th Cross, KR Rd, Siddanna Layout,
Banashankari Stage II, Banashankari,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070

Admissions open for 2023!

In this Certificate course in Research Methods (eRM) course, we start with helping the student develop clear and well formulated research questions. Participants are then taught how to select research designs and methods best suited to answer the research question, beyond the usual epidemiological disciplines.

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