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Concurrent Monitoring of Midwifery Training Program in Odisha- CMMT

Duration of project
(May 2022 to November 2022)

The ‘Midwifery Services Initiative’ is a landmark policy decision taken by the Government of India in 2020. The initiative aims to train registered nurses in midwifery and certify them as Nurse Practitioners in Midwifery (NPM) across the country including the development of the Midwifery Led Continuum of Care (MLCC) in all states and Union territories. In, order to scale up midwifery training in Odisha, the state of Odisha has planned to train the first cohort of “18-month NPM” training in 2022.

UNICEF has partnered with IPH Bengaluru in conducting close monitoring and evaluation of the training of the first cohort of the 18-month NPM training program in Odisha.

The objectives of this monitoring study are: –
1) To monitor the quality of implementation of the midwifery training program
2) To identify the facilitators and barriers in the implementation of the training Program
3) To monitor the competence of the trainee Midwives and Educators and identify gaps if any corrective actions

Concurrent monitoring will be carried out throughout the training program, to assess the training processes and identify possible gaps in the program implementation. Both
quantitative and qualitative data will be collected for the study purpose.