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Anika Juneja

Anika Juneja is a medical doctor by training with a specialisation in public health and a work experience of 3 years of working in rural tribal India in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand in the area of maternal health, health system strengthening, and tuberculosis and undernutrition. Her areas of interest are social and structural determinants of health, qualitative research design, ecosystem health

Neighbourhood disadvantage and access to healthcare : The case of sickle cell disease in two Adivasi communities in central and southern India

The PhD looks at access to healthcare in Adivasi communities in India from a lens of neighborhood disadvantage. There is a physical and social environment in a neighborhood that can shape access to healthcare, especially in communities that are deprived of many privileges such as the Adivasi community in India. I will do this with the help of literature synthesis, stakeholder interviews, and case studies of people living with sickle cell disease in two Adivasi communities in central and southern India.

Admissions open for 2023!

In this Certificate course in Research Methods (eRM) course, we start with helping the student develop clear and well formulated research questions. Participants are then taught how to select research designs and methods best suited to answer the research question, beyond the usual epidemiological disciplines.

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