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N Devadasan (Faculty)

Co-founder and director, Deva started his career as a community health doctor in the forests of Nilgiris. He worked with the Adivasis of Gudalur for 10 years, building a comprehensive health system for them. Since then, he has worked with WHO Orissa and then with the WHO country office in Delhi as the NPO in-charge of communicable disease cluster and specialising in disease surveillance. In 2005, he founded IPH, Bengaluru and has been working closely in the area of health financing, access to health care and health systems management.  He has completed his MPH and PhD from the famous Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium. He has headed many research projects, including two large multi-country projects and is the author of many articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is also an adjunct faculty and teaches health financing at the masters level. 

email:  deva@iphindia.org

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