Research and action

The primary goal of research at IPH is to strengthen the Indian health system by generating evidence on what works, for whom and why.

From governance and analysis of policies to working with rural or urban communities our research projects span the entire spectrum of the public health system. Our research is at the cutting edge of global public health using innovative approaches such as health in all policies (HiAP) and methodologies such as Participatory Action Research and Theory Driven Inquiries.

We currently have two active field sites in Karnataka, one in a rural district of Tumkur and another in Chamrajnagar district.

Chronic Health Conditions

Over the last decade, there has been a global recognition that various chronic health problems have been on the rise. 


It is difficult to define a complex and abstract term like governance. The Institute of Governance defines it as “Governance determines who has power, who makes  …..

Health Equity and Evaluation

While health status of the Indian population has improved steadily over the last few decades, there has been a worrying

Health financing and universal health coverage

Financing of health and healthcare is an important health system building block and is crucial to a well-performing health

Health Services

Governance of health services and systems is one of the most neglected, yet crucial topic of research and action in health.


Infectious diseases and disease control

Despite decades of efforts at organising campaigns and programmes for control of diseases, several infectious diseases claim a heavy toll in India.

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