Training for district supervisors and field investigators for follow-up

The Health Inc Karnataka team organized a two-day training on 24th and 25th September 2012 for both district supervisors and field investigators at Vishranti Nilayam, Bangalore. The main objectives of the training were to train the field teams from all four districts on administering the follow-up survey questionnaire or form 2, to review the Kannada version of the questionnaire, and to orient them regarding their role and responsibility in the next stage of data collection in the field. The district coordinators along with the Bangalore team members conducted the training using a mix of lectures, role-plays, and group discussions. The district supervisors also participated in additional sessions on generating micro-plans, and maintaining financial records.  This survey was aimed at collecting details of significant events in the preceding month in survey households if any, and was to be conducted monthly till December 2012.

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