Costing of the National Strategic Plan for HIV control in India


The National AIDS control organization is in the process of revising its strategic and operational plans for the period 2017-2024. They have recruited a team of consultants to help them with this. IPH has been retained as a consultant to cost the National Strategic Plan by NACO – UNAIDS.


The main objectives of this consultancy are

  1. To assist NACO develop a costing plan for the NSP
  2. Develop a fully costed and budgeted NSP for the period 2017-2024


The IPH team (Dr N. Devadasan and Ms Meena P) used the bottom up costing technique to calculate the unit costs for various activities under the HIV-AIDs control programme. The targets for each year (as per the NSP) is then used to arrive at the total costing for the activities and thereby the NSP.

Results: In progress


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