A novel coronavirus was detected in December 2019 in the Wuhan city of China which spread rapidly not only in China but also to more than 100 countries within a span of 3 months. The coronavirus, officially named as SARS CoV 2, causes COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019). While the SARS CoV 2 infection leads to mild infection in the majority of the people, it has a reported fatality ranging from 1-6 %. As on date 27th March, 4,65,915 cases have been reported across the globe while more than 21,000 deaths have occured.

A complete lockdown was announced in India on 24th March which will last for 21 days. By 27th March, India has already reported more than 700 COVID-19 cases.

IPH, Bengaluru is contributing to fight this pandemic in the following ways:

  • Providing on-demand technical assistance to health and other departments at district (Chamarajnagar), state (Karnataka) and national levels 
  • Building internal capacity to ensure appropriate and accurate information dissemination on COVID-19 through our official social media channels and website

Preparedness Resources for primary health centers

In response to an open call by Dr. Prashanth N S (Faculty at IPH, Bangalore) for developing tools for Primary Health Care workers, many public health experts got together to form the COVID-19 PHC Action Group. They remotely collaborated for creating resources including a checklist for PHC doctors/supervisors and frontline health workers in urban and rural/community health settings. Over a period of 48 hours in late March 2020, the resource was developed and shared with multiple state government agencies for adaptation and dissemination. The resource collates in one place authentic information from Government agencies and other sources of scientific evidence.  The resources are available below for download and dissemination

Collation of resources for authentic information on COVID-19.

The latest research on COVID-19 and SARS CoV 2.

Guidance material for health professional 

Current global situation and latest updates

Resources for citizens, hospitals, state departments and awareness materials from Government of India 

Information for general public from WHO 

Other authentic and useful resources

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