2.30-4.30 pm


Institute of Public health
#250, 2nd C Main, 2nd C Cross,
Girinagar Ist  Phase,
Bengaluru – 560085


Health and environment are very closely linked. However, health and environmental problems are often separately framed and studied by researchers, practitioners and policymakers. Debates in both these topics often marginally mention about the intricacies of the other and public discourses often do not borrow enough from the decades of research and practice in these disciplines.

In order to explore broadly the various kinds of linkages between the two, IPH hosted a public health seminar called “Joining the dots: Health and Environment”. The event began with a video-talk by environment and wildlife filmmaker Mr. Kalyan Varma who shared the story of the grasslands, wolves and the nomadic Dhangar community of Maharashtra. His talk set the scene for the comments and discussions that followed from panelists. Dr. TR Shankar Raman from Nature Conservation Foundation discussed several instances of intersections between health and environment including human-wildlife conflicts and use of harmful agrochemicals. Ms. Aruna Chandrasekhar focussed on affected communities along mining projects and the fallout of corporate activities for human and environmental health. Dr. Aditya Pradyumna of SOCHARA shared his own journey as a researcher intersecting human and environmental health and discussed the ethics and value-systems that can form barriers. Dr. Neethi V Rao of IPH summed up the narratives of the other panellists and emphasized the immediacy and relevance of these intersections even among the primarily urban, educated audience of the seminar. These preliminary comments were followed by open discussion on the various common conversations between health and environment. Dr. Prashanth NS of IPH moderated the proceedings.