EPHP 2016 Special Supplement Published on BMJ Global Health

EPHP 2016 Special Supplement Published on BMJ Global Health

The BMJ – Global Health journal has published a special supplement containing abstracts of all the poster and oral presentations made at the 3rd National Conference on Bringing Evidence into Public Health Policy EPHP 2016. In keeping with the spirit of EPHP of making evidence more available and more accessible the entire supplement is open access and all the abstracts can be viewed and downloaded at the following link http://gh.bmj.com/content/1/Suppl_1
Media Coverage – EPHP Pre-event Press Conference, 04th July, 2016

Media Coverage – EPHP Pre-event Press Conference, 04th July, 2016

Media coverage-EPHP 2016
We were covered extensively in print media – pre and post event total of 24 articles.
On social media also we have seen a tremendous surge over past few days. On Facebook we have gone from 5,500 likes to 8,500 and in twitter as well. It was very heartening to see lot of online engagement by IPH staff on Twitter. All in all we really enjoyed executing the ‘social media cafe’ on EPHP.

Keynote Speakers of EPHP 2016!



Keynote Speakers of EPHP 2016

Keynote speakers for this year’s edition of EPHP have been confirmed. We have dynamic and experienced public health researchers attending to share and discuss about equity in healthcare, intersectoral action in health. Dr Abdul Ghaffar, executive director of WHO Alliance, will also be present and share his 30 years ofexperience in public health research. Presenters from different healthcare research backgrounds will be presenting on this year’s theme for EPHP 2016.  To know more click here

“EPHP 2016 will showcase the work from across the country”



As the early bird registrations are nearing a close, we are pleased to announce that out of 110 abstracts that we have received from various parts of India, a total of 57 have been shortlisted. In this, 51 are oral while 6 are poster presentations which closely provide insight into the themes of this year’s EPHP conference, “Equity in health and healthcare, From better knowledge to improved policies and practice and Intersectoral action for health”.

Shortly, the keynote speakers list will be shared along with the tentative schedule. So, do register soon and be a part of this larger public health network!