Road Traffic Injuries-An Ignored Public Health Issue in India

(Photo Credits- Biswarup Ganguly) The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.24 million road traffic deaths occur every year globally. Of those, the majority (80%) of deaths occur only in middle income countries.Road traffic injuries  are never considered a...

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How can researchers meet community needs?

This article originally appeared on BMJ Blogs on April 24, 2015 under the same title. This blog is my reflection on regular field visits as part of the urban health action research project that I am currently working on. The field site for the project is a very poor...

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Institute of Public Health at KEYSTONE

KEYSTONE is a collective initiative of several Indian health policy and systems research (HPSR) organizations to strengthen and build national capacity in HPSR. KEYSTONE was convened by the Public Health Foundation of India as Nodal Institute for the Alliance for...

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Corporate social responsibility in India

This article originally appeared on BMJ Blogs on May 09, 2014 under the same title. India’s new Companies Act with its rules mandating corporate social responsibility (CSR) came into effect on 1 April 2014. The objective of CSR is for businesses to exist as...

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IPH Faculty among those selected in a global WHO-TDR grant

IPH has been working with Tumkur district in trying to strengthen various components of the district health system. One of the key interventions here has been to work with private practitioners in the district to better understand their integration into the National...

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Laboratory Technicians Training

As part of  Dr.Vijayashree's PhD( Public Private Partnership in TB  Care, Tumkur District),  all the lab technicians working in the Designated Microscopic Centres of Tumkur district were trained (11.12.14) at District TB Centre, Tumkur city. They were trained on the...

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My Monday musings of being a “Generic”!

Author: Dr Mrunalini I am pretty well known in the country and constantly have a presence in news making headlines against the multibillion Pharmaceutical industries.   I still struggle on a daily basis convincing people that I’m as good as the BIG BRANDS, and to...

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Eventually, it was loss to the community

This is a story about a Primary Health Center (PHC) and a lady doctor. An ordinary centre in the way so many of our health centers in remote parts of the country are. This unremarkable PHC is located 52 km away from the district head quarters (HQ) and 36 km away from...

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Can we count on our counting systems?

A shorter version of this article appeared on BMJ Blogs on October 31, 2013 under the same title.  Co-written with Himabindu G L of IPH, Bangalore. Much of the material remains unprocessed, or, if processed, unanalysed, or, if analysed, not read, or, if read, not used...

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Is embracing death @ 24 so easy?

This time it was neither KG Halli nor urban health project….but Health Inc…trying to find reasons for social exclusion in Bangalore Rural district. When we entered 8x8 single room house, Jagadish was lying on the bed. We asked how he was feeling, he pushed bed sheet...

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Good presentation is very important

“Good presentation is very important and I apply this concept”. This is said by one laboratory technician working in a Primary Health Center (PHC). He believes that if he provides his laboratory services in a presentable way, he can earn the trust of the people....

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Is health camp an effective stratergy

Health 'camps' are one of the strategies adopted by both government and non-government organizations. This literally means that a team of health professionals 'camp' in an area to carry out a limited health intervention. For instance, government organizes...

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What the numbers do not account for…..night beat in KG Halli

 Life has its unique ways of showing you what you might be looking for. As a purely logistic decision, it made more sense for me to stay overnight in the community centre and this gave opportunity to observe a different side to KGHalli....after dusk. Suddenly “urban”...

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Where Do I Begin (part-2)

Where Do I Begin.............. to tell the stories of urban polity ... the enduring tales of life as it is least meant to be ..... in a just fair world......? (To be sung to theme tune of Love Story) Did you read the  where do I begin part-1 ?(click here) In the...

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Where Do I Begin…..

Where Do I Begin... to tell the stories of urban poverty... the grimmest tales that tell of what the 'We' do to the 'we'... Where do I start...? (To be sung to theme tune of Love Story) Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or to cry......... This in an era of...

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