Regional team building meeting and workshop for Health Inc Indian Partners
Team members from IPH, TISS, LSE and ITM at the regional meeting at Bangalore

Team members from IPH, TISS, LSE and ITM at the regional meeting at Bangalore

The regional team meeting and workshop for the Health Inc Indian partners was held at Bangalore between 17th and 19th April 2012. It was attended by members of Institute of Public Health Bangalore (IPH) and Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) teams, along with representatives from the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp (ITM) and London School of Economics  – Health (LSE).  The main agenda of the meeting was to determine the scope, area and extent of collaboration to be undertaken by the two regional partners, TISS and IPH. The meeting was conducted along with a two-day workshop on methods of data collection esp. orienting the role and use of qualitative methods in mixed methods research. The workshop was conducted by a mix of speakers from IPH and ITM, and covered various topics including conceptual frameworks for research, introduction into focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, transcription, coding and analysis. An interesting session on the role of theory in evaluation of complex interventions was conducted via teleconference by Bruno Marchal, from the Department of Public Health, ITM providing a realist evaluation perspective.

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