Health-in All Policy and Tobacco Control

This project aimed at examining how different sectors, beyond health, and their sectoral policies have historically shaped tobacco control in India. Apart from sectoral policies, we also tracked how judicial activism and various litigations have impacted tobacco control in India. We looked at the published and grey literature, including litigations and did document analysis. This work was primarily funded by the Institute of Public Health.

– Bhojani U, Soors W. Tobacco control in India: a case for Health-in-All Policy approach. National Medical Journal of India 2015;28(2):86-89

– Bhojani U, Hebbar P, Rao V, Shah V. Litigation for claiming health rights: insights from tobacco control. Health and Human Rights 2014

– Bhojani U. Health in All Policies: case of tobacco control in India – oral presentation at The Colloquium 2013

Duration of project

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