Governance of health services and systems is one of the most neglected, yet crucial topic of research and action in health. However, in several low- and middle-income countries (including India), there is an urgent need to improve research and action on governance of health systems and services. Through research and action on governance of health systems and services, we seek to strengthen local and national health systems.

It is difficult to define a complex and abstract term like governance. The Institute of Governance defines it as “Governance determines who has power, who makes decisions, how other players make their voice heard and how account[ability]  is rendered.”
There are many important principles of governance that include strategic vision, rule of law, transparency, participation, responsiveness, equity, accountability, information systems and ethics (Siddiqi 2008). We have conducted studies on some of these principles like rule of law, information systems and participation.

Completed Projects

  • Health system stewardship and regulation in Vietnam, India and China (HESVIC)
  • Private Sector Regulation (KPMEA)


N Devadasan

Project Lead

Upendra Bhojani


Maya Annie Elias


Vijayshree H Y


Mamtha Patil


Arima Mishra


Sylvia Karpagam


Neethi V Rao


Meena Putturaj



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