LINQED is an international network of educational institutions that provide postgraduate training in public health.

The Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru hosted the seventh annual LINQED workshop in May 2015.

Partners were from 4 continents and 15 countries. The workshop was  held between the 25th to the 28th of May 2015 at  Fairfield Marriott, Bengaluru.

Workshop was supported by, 

Main themes of the workshop were,


Cooperative learning


4 components instructional design


Thesis supervision (critical thinking)

The workshop consisted of interactive sessions where participants worked as an individual, in pairs and in groups. Everyone was stimulated to learn from each other by discussing, reflecting and practicing.

There were




Participants thoughts about the workshop

Admissions open for 2018!

This course will enable health professionals to write scientific research articles that can be published & to equip them with skills to cite & manage references/ bibliography.

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